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Candlelit Magic

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Even love witches get the blues.

Havan’s magical potions brings couples together and gives them the happily ever after of their dreams. Too bad her spells don’t work for her. In Erie View, the townspeople see nothing more than a witch. All she wants is to find that special man to embrace her quirks and love her. Will she be able to accept the blessings of the Goddesses or lose faith in herself?

Neil doesn’t believe in magic. It’s trickery for television and movies. No one creates a spell for people to fall in love. Hell, he doesn’t believe in love either. After a string of crappy dates and dead-end romances, he’s through with relationships. But a chance meeting at the grocery store changes his mind. Havan’s nothing like he expects—but is the blue haired witch enough to make him give romance another shot?

Contains one lusty love witch, a human who doesn’t believe in magic and a love spell gone sideways...yeah, they test out the love potions, all the love potions.





Happily ever after for everyone else—except her.

The guy glanced toward the door where Havan hid. He tipped his head to the side, apparently not listening to whatever Cian and the girl said. The corner of his mouth turned upward in a half smile.

Cian rested her hands on her hips and she raised her voice enough Havan heard what she said. “I asked you what kind of potion candle you want.”

He didn’t look at Cian, but fixed his attention on where Havan waited. “I want a special one. One that no one else wants. One that’s a little rough around the edges and probably won’t work, but looks cool.”

A shiver raced up her spine and her hands trembled. The guy was direct and really freaking cute. Taller than her by at least a foot, dark scruff on his cheeks and glittering ice blue eyes. His brown hair curled at the nape of his neck and the stretch of the cotton shirt across his chest hinted to his time spent slaving in the gym. What would it feel like to touch him? To hear him whisper her name in the dark? She cut her gaze from where he stood and focused on her job. No point in drooling over what she couldn’t have.

“I have just the thing.” Cian strode toward Havan’s hiding place.

Oh shit. Havan froze. Where the hell would she run to now? The girl and the guy followed Cian to the back of the store. The girl grinned from ear to ear.

“How about this one?” Cian shoved the door open and pointed. To Havan or the candle? She wasn’t sure.

“Hey! That’s your girl.” The woman squealed. She clapped her hands together. “My brother needs a date for my wedding and you would be the perfect date. Want to go?”

Lissa, shut up.” His lips didn’t move but his voice rumbled through the small workshop. “I’d like that candle you’re holding. That’s what I’ve been looking for.”

Ah. Havan should’ve known—he wanted the broken candle, not her. She placed a sticker on the bottom of the better looking half of the busted pillar candle and murmured a quick incantation. Love for now, love for a lifetime, bring the bearer his heart’s delight. Might as well give the spells one more shot to work on her.

“Here you go,” she said and offered the candle to him. His fingers caressed hers and his touch warmed her to her core. Was he a male witch? Goddess knew she played on the fringes in so many ways. No coven, only one close friend, no boyfriend... no life. Maybe he practiced without a coven, too.

“Thanks.” He made eye contact with her and his smile grew. “Just what I wanted.”



"I like this world, and the way Ms. Zwaduk has blended the mundane and the supernatural seamlessly, and I hope to see more of this world in the future...This is a charming and sexy story, just perfect for an evening of magic and romance...I recommend this for those who believe there is a bit of magic in every love story, and hope to visit this world Ms. Zwaduk has created." Rated 4.5 stars by Foxglove at Long and Short Reviews


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