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She's everything he needs... if he can withstand the burn.

Atria Moline isn't your average photographer. She controls fire. Sounds fun, being able to scorch whenever you like? Think again. She's lonely and desperate for the touch of the man who can dance in her flame--if she doesn't immolate him first.

Zac "Iceman" Frost controls the stage with his band Glow. He's not about to back down from Atria's challenge. He'd got secrets of his own and his sights set on her.

Contains some hot sex between a fire elemental and a sexy water elemental.



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Luc tapped his chin with his index finger. “Why don’t you keep my sister safe?”

“Me?” The idea didn’t sound nearly as repulsive as Zac’s one-word reply made it out to be. Hell, the idea of wrapping Atria in his arms warmed the chill in his blood -- with one minor catch. “She hates me, you know.”

Luc shrugged. “She hates everyone.”

“I’m right here,” Atria grumbled.

Turning his back on her, Zac dropped his voice an octave. “So then why does he need her? Is she a goddess or something?” He had his ideas as to Atria’s secrets, but a true gentleman, even one with piercings and tattoos, didn’t stick his nose into other people’s business.

“Close, but not really.” Luc nudged Zac forward. “Look, you keep her safe, and maybe she’ll warm to you.”

Zac glanced across the room. Knowing Luc wanted Zac to keep her from harm curled slowly around his brain and comforted him. She wasn’t off limits any longer. Atria filled his darkest dreams, his deepest desires and came to him every night once he shut his eyes. If it was possible for her to care for him…

“Do it or I cut off your nads.”

“Aren’t you supposed to threaten me if I touch her? You’ve wanted to boil me in oil when I mentioned I wanted to spend time alone with her in the past -- which I haven’t.”

Luc shrugged. “Call me quirky.”

“Not the word I’d use. Especially when Taygan comes to town.”

“Harsh,” Luc snapped. “Taygan isn’t part of this conversation.”

“I’m surprised he’s not, being’s he’s always in your ass.”

A wicked glint lit up Luc’s eyes. “You’d like to be, too? It could be arranged.”

“In your ass? Not hardly.” Zac scrubbed the back of his hand across his mouth. Luc reminded him of Atria -- same dark hair, same surly smile. No wonder people loved Luc. The man was sexy, but not as sexy as Atria. She won, hands down.


"I enjoyed this paranormal romance story. I liked the interaction between Atria and Zac. I could almost feel the sexual tension between them" - Janie from The Romance Studio - Four Hearts

Romance with bite and a couple of serious twists along the way...The characters are well defined, with just the hint of supernatural powers to make them different..." Foxglove from Whipped Cream Reviews - 4.5 cherries

"This series is hot, passionate and so da**ed fun to experience – whether you like m/f or m/m, there is something here for everyone. Add a dash of danger, a spoonful of tongue in cheek humor, and a ton of hot and sexy and you have Megan Slayer’s Glow Band series."  ~ reader Nancy G