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Can he have the house, the dog and the lover of his dreams or will it all fall apart right before his eyes?

The one Carson never thought heíd see again could be the one to save his life.

Carson never expected to see his dog or a man from his past ever again. His ex took Dragon when he left, then carelessly lost the dog.  Dragonís been found and in the last place Carson expected to find himóa vetís office.

But, the surprises just keep coming.

Carson hasnít seen Alec since school, but the feelings he had for the man havenít abated. When heís reunited with Alec at the veterinary office, Carsonís got to face his feelings.



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ďI never got a chance to give you his rundown.Ē Alec grinned. ďSince the waiting room is empty, Iíll just tell you now. No worms, no fleas, but Iíd give him a bath. The weight loss helped but Iíd also suggest getting Dragon on a tooth brushing regimen. Heís been eating things he probably shouldnít that did a number on his gums. I ran a heartworm test which was negative and Iíve given him a pill for this month. When you come in next weíll set you up right. Call, okay?Ē He winked and walked back into the closest exam room.

Weíll set me up? Call? He wanted me to call him? I hadnít heard those terms in such a long time. Maybe my assumption more than fifteen years before had been more on the money than I thought. I shrugged him off back then. I could be over-thinking. Again.

I looked down at Dragon, who was sprawled on his side on the floor.  He gazed up at me with his droopy eyes and his tongue sticking out of his mouth. At least I had him back. What Iíd do about my overzealous crush on the vet and his advances, well I hadnít figured that out yet. I stress yet. 


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