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New Review of Constant

This (Constant) is the first time I have read anything by Megan Slayer, but it won't be the last. I did think the book could have been longer, and I appreciated the epilogue. But I would have liked to have seen more interaction between the two men - hearing that they had played together for two years put things in perspective, but I am one who likes to see the feelings develop over time. Not a complaint though. The book was well-written, the story line was awesome and sweet, and yep, I just loved Vegas. I'm off to find some more of Megan's books.” ~ Rated 4 stars ~ Liza ~ Sinfully...Addicted to All Male Romance  

“This was a sweet story about taking that chance on love. Roddy and Vegas work well together and make a good couple. They are both strong men who know what they want. Although each has been hurt in the past the two try to overcome their fear to try for love once again. The men are hot together and their feelings shine through in all that they do. Watching their attraction turn into something much deeper made for a nice read. Each man must be careful and avoid the stigma that comes with their lifestyle. It was nice to see others stand by the men and encourage them to fight for the right to their own private lives. As the two men work through their relationship, outside factors come in to play and the men prove what stand up men they truly are. They prove love is worth fighting for whenever you can find it.” ~ Mistletoe ~ Long and Short Reviews  

“I thought they made a great couple” ~ 4 stars ~ Crystal’s Many Reviewers

I would describe Constant as a beautiful powerful read. I love when BDSM brings another layer and deeper connection to characters. Ms. Slayer makes me love her character and want much more of them. I also have read Permanent but you do not have to understand this story.  I would suggest reading it anyways it is a wonderfully written story with unforgettable characters. When you want some edge to you man love this is the book to pick up. ~ Reviewed by Redz  ~ Rated Five Shooting stars and Recommended Read  ~ On Redz World Reviews 

Here’s what Senior Editor Sarah has to say about Constant:

“This is a fantastic snippet both into the world of news broadcasting and BDSM lifestyle. Roddy and Andrew are essentially two very different characters in terms of traits and their outlook on life, but I think in reality this is actually what draws them together. The course that their love travels is gripping and I found it fascinating how their insecurities are whole-heartedly laid bare to the reader by Megan Slayer. This is a real insight into how BDSM co-exists alongside everyday life for everyday people.” 

New Review for Hotter In Zero
Megan Slayer(‘)s Hotter in Zero was a great group of stories. I was a wee bit apprehensive about M/M books but this is written just like a normal romance. Hot scenes but not done in a trashy way. All the stories can be read alone but come all together in various ways. I enjoyed the book, and look forward to more from Ms. Slayer.” Teresa from Dayton Book Obsessed Chicks

New Review for Mixing Mike

"I think I would have given 4 hearts to this book strictly on the basis if what Mike shouts when he comes. I read it and raised (my) by eyebrows, read it again, and had to laugh. I enjoyed the discussions between the two of them, especially as they try to get past Leon’s history and Mike’s low self-confidence. Even as Leon fully admits that the length of time they’ve known each other isn’t enough to feel heart things, he is feeling them. There isn’t angst in this story, just a nice guy and a scared one trying to see where it can go." - Rated four hearts by Lucy on Hearts on Fire Reviews

New Review for All On the Field

"All on the Field by Megan Slayer is a fast read with a lot of heart in it. I liked Jordan a lot. He has a heart and soul that any dom would love. He has been hurt in life and needs to learn trust again, good thing Simon sees him first. Simon doesn’t know it yet but he is looking for what Jordan has to give. Watching these two fall in love was truly beautiful. Out of all I have read so far in this series All on the Field is my favorite. I love the combination of emotions and bdsm that helped this story emerge. I really think Ms. Slayer does an amazing job bringing bdsm into the book not just as a kink but as an important part of the story. Both characters need this to get to the next level and help them both heal. When you want a short but intense story All on the Field is an amazing read to pick up." ~ Rated 5 Shooting Stars by Redz at Redz World

New Review for Bases Loaded

"I enjoyed watching the love and trust unfold in this story.  Rocke is far stronger than he thinks and by the end we really see how far he has come.  This book is part of a series and should be read in order to fully get the relationships everyone in the club has. I particularly like that,(because it) gives me a full scope of the characters and what makes them tick.  Ms. Slayer gives the right amount of bdsm to make this book a little edgy but loving all at the same time. I hope she does more like this in the future.  I love the combination.  When you want a story with three hot men finding both themselves and a love of a life time this is the book to pick up." ~ Rated 5 Shooting Stars by Redz at Redz World"

"A great quick read. I'd definitely recommend it--and the whole Club Desires series!" ~ Rated 4 stars by What's on the Bookshelf

New Review for Tied Desire!!

"I love how we have the adrenaline junky Ford paired with Zane who is determined and more than willing to give Ford an experience he will never forget.  The connection between these two really kept me reading. The BDSM added another dimension to the story that was the icing on a really yummy cake.   I always love how Ms. Slayer makes me love her characters. I never want the stories to end and this one is no exception.  If you are like me and love a great love story with a little bit of edge to it, I highly recommend Tied to Desire." Rated 5 Shooting Stars by Redz at Redz World

New Review for Cuffed!!

"Naughty Molly not only chats with her online dominant, but she also uses a video camera. Ms. Slayer does a good job of showing how online D/s and cybersex can be if the two parties are serious about it. It's a sweet seduction and the mystery dominant is obvious from the beginning of the story. The conflict in the story is set up well and easily resolved...This is an erotic novella recommended for kinky readers who love their happily ever afters." ~ Reviewed by The Book Addict at The Romance Reviews

New Review for Catching Carry!!

"Whirlwind romance? Yes. Drama and angst? In spades. Hot and sexy? Absolutely!" Reviewed by Serena at Rainbow Book Review

"Easily read in a single sitting, with everything a story needs for a happily ever after, Catching Cary has it all covered: a likable main couple, drama, explicit sex scenes, and the bad guy even gets his comeuppance in the end." Rated B+ - Liked It A Lot - That's What I'm Talking About


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