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New Review for Lasso Lovin' Anthology

"Whether it is modern American cowboys, wild west early American pioneer spirited romantics, or Australian stockmen, the passion of two men loving each other and the special woman brave enough to love them both is a hot and passionate reading experience, and these six authors bring romance out in their own special way. If hot ménage is your desire, this one is highly recommended. Very hot, very romantic, and lots of fun as well." Rated 4.5 stars by Foxglove at Long and Short Reviews.

New Review for Ruined By the Pirate

"What a great read! I read it in one day straight through and I am looking forward to reading more! Damsels that don’t know they’re in distress, danger, and high seas! What more could a reader ask for! It was exciting and sensual in all of the right places as Captain Killian Thomas takes what he wants, Sarah Moyer. I loved reading along as they faced adversaries, and adventures with just the right mix of angst and some sads but it was all good in the end!" ~ Rated 5 stars by Heather on Goodreads

Ruined by the pirate indeed. ;-) Wendi Zwaduk certainly has a way to keep you engaged from start to finish. She shows what a strong, independent women is capable of doing even in those times. Fun with unexpected tender moments. It's a good read and you will want more. You will want to be ruined this way any time of the day." Rated 4 stars by Terra on Goodreads

New Review for Firelit Magic

"Cian and Tommy are good strong characters that hold up very well on their own...I actually found it very satisfying. Anybody who enjoys quick hot stories that are slightly off the beaten track will enjoy Firelit Magic." Reviewed by Jacque at The Jeep Diva

I recommend you read this one. The chemistry between Cian and Tommy builds exponentially, and I enjoyed Tommy’s shock when Cian actually glows during their romantic and hot interludes. This is for those who like their romances magical and hot, and be sure to keep tissues and ice water nearby."

New Review for Drawn Together!!!!

"Graig and Tessa are a cute case of two people who admired each other from afar and didn’t realize the other’s feelings. There was a little bit of exploratory kink between the couple, which added to the spice of the story. An entertaining couple of hours!" ~ Rated 4 Halos from Bella at Fallen Angels Reviews

"It was perfect for what I was looking for that night. I enjoyed the characters and how their friendship and eventual relationship started.  There is a little bit of drama but just enough.  What I loved the most was how their friendship turned into something more." Reviewed by Sarah at Sarah Says Read Romance

New Review for Candlelit Magic!!!!

"I like this world, and the way Ms. Zwaduk has blended the mundane and the supernatural seamlessly, and I hope to see more of this world in the future...This is a charming and sexy story, just perfect for an evening of magic and romance...I recommend this for those who believe there is a bit of magic in every love story, and hope to visit this world Ms. Zwaduk has created." Rated 4.5 stars by Foxglove at Long and Short Reviews

 New Review for One More Night!!!!

"This story is former lovers reuniting but not as they were but as they had become. Jenna and Drake had life changing struggles to overcome before they came back together. The desire to reconnect came through as did the emotional draw each had. This is a powerful love story and a great 1 Night Stand." - Terri - Night Owl Reviews - rated 4 stars

Review for Honey and Decadence!

"This smoking story takes BDSM and food play into a new direction...The build up between Sean and Roxy was deliciously paced and had me turning the pages quickly...The characters are well drawn and realistic, and the chemistry between them is enough to singe you." ~ Rated 4.5 stars by Fern at Long and Short Reviews

"I loved this story.  Absolutely loved it.  The characters were loveable, the sex was incredible, and it was so sweet.  Their romance is one that reads like a classic love story – just condensed into a lot less pages!  It was honestly one of the best erotic shorts I’ve ever read. Thank you Wendi Zwaduk!" ~ Reviewed by Marie - Rated 5 stars and given 5 flames ~ The Jeep Diva





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