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Guarding her is the easy part. Not falling in love with her...impossible.


Molly Reynolds has the world at her fingertips. Her father is one of the biggest motion picture directors in Hollywood. She’s seen at the biggest parties and has shown up in the hottest magazines across the globe. But being famous doesn’t guarantee she’ll find love or the perfect partner to submit to.

Enter Black Velvet Society.

She’ll get what she wants...in every sexy way imaginable.

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She knew that voice and thanked God he’d come to her. She blinked back the wetness in her eyes and turned toward the sound of his voice. Dominic Oldham. The man personified sex on legs, all chiseled muscle and power.

“Hey.” She cleared her throat. “I’ve -- would you help me?” Anything to keep him in the room.

“Sure.” He stood in the doorway to the closet. His dark eyes shimmered. “What’s happening?”

“I’ve got a date.” She brushed past him, partly to enter her bedroom and partly to touch his rock-hard abs. “I’m sure Daddy will make you go along.”

“Probably.” He folded his thick arms. Instead of the short-sleeved black shirts the other members of the security team wore, he’d donned a long-sleeved form-fitting shirt. The muscle rippled beneath the shiny material.

Dominic both scared and reassured her. Since her mother’s death, he’d been her constant companion. If her father hadn’t forbidden her from seeing him in any other capacity beyond being her guard, she’d have jumped on Dominic from the start. Part of her wished he was her Flogger Dom. Their voices were close. Or was she imprinting her love of him onto the Dom from the chat?

“I thought I’d wear one of these dresses, but I’m not sure which. My blind date didn’t say whether it was a formal date or something fun. He just said wear red so he’d see me.” She draped her four choices over the bed. The first two were elegant evening gowns. The third and fourth were halter dresses. “I like this one,” she said and pointed to the crimson halter dress. “It shows a lot of leg and cleavage. Is it too much?”

“You’re worried about showing too much skin?” He crooked one dark eyebrow. “Honey, you bared everything in that skin mag this summer.”

“You like the more demure one?” She squirmed under his appraisal. He’d been there during the photo shoot, making sure she wasn’t exploited. She hoped he’d liked what he saw. If he had, he hadn’t acted on the impulse.

“Put this one on.” He picked up the halter dress. “I want to see how much is $a lot$.”

“Fine.” She whipped her T-shirt up over her head, then shimmied out of her sleep pants. Getting naked never bothered her, but with Dominic watching, she shivered. She longed to feel his hands on her body. Wanted to moan into his kiss. She stepped into the dress and adjusted the waist. “Can you tie this for me?”

“Yes, darlin’.” Dutiful as ever, he secured the strings of the dress at the nape of her neck, then let her hair cascade over her shoulders. “Turn.”

She did as told, adding a little flair to the move to make the skirt lift a bit.

“Does that work?” she asked. “I’ll knock his socks off without looking easy?”

“Yes.” He perched on the edge of the sofa across the room. “What time do you meet him?”

Crap. She wasn’t sure. FloggerDom30 hadn’t actually said. “Tonight.”


"Naughty Molly not only chats with her online dominant, but she also uses a video camera. Ms. Slayer does a good job of showing how online D/s and cybersex can be if the two parties are serious about it. It's a sweet seduction and the mystery dominant is obvious from the beginning of the story. The conflict in the story is set up well and easily resolved...This is an erotic novella recommended for kinky readers who love their happily ever afters." ~ Reviewed by The Book Addict at The Romance Reviews