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Duel Threat

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They want their mate. She wants love without pain. Together, they can be whole.


Kaia Martin dances to pay the bills. She doesn’t mind baring her body, but her heart? That’s another question. But what happens when two tiger shifters push her out of her comfort zone and into her heart’s desire?

Evan and Ian Davis have been in love with Kaia since the moment they met her. Their tigers know she’s the one for them. They’ve waited long enough for her to see what they’ve always known—she’s their mate. Can these twin tiger shifters prove love really can conquer all?





“Ian! Evan!” Kaia bounded toward him, the tassels on her corset top swinging with each step. “Sonya said you were here.” She clasped Evan’s left hand and Ian’s right hand. “Come here.”

With the both of them in tow, she dragged them to the dressing room hallway, then stopped. The glitter on her cheeks shone under the light and the blue in her eyes deepened. Evan loved seeing her in the thick stage makeup, and fresh-faced even more. Who was he kidding? He loved her, plain and simple.

“So.” She let go of their hands, then fluttered her fingers. “I broke things off with Dade.”

Her words hung in thick in the air with the cigarette smoke. Lights from the disco ball flashed on the deep purple walls and highlighted her wide eyes. Evan swore he heard her talk. He knew the meaning of the words she’d used, but damn it, nothing made sense. He’d longed for her to say she’d split from Dade. Did he hear her right or was this another figment of his imagination?

“Ian? Evan?” Her shoulders drooped and she stuck out her bottom lip. “I thought you’d be excited.”

Ian spoke first. “As long as you’re happy, sweetheart, we’re happy.”

“He stole my credit cards and tried to use them at the gas station. Then when I called him on what he’d done, he tried to slap me, but I ducked. Sonya went with me to file the restraining order this morning.”

“Great news.” Evan threw his arms around her. At least now he could touch her without fear her lousy ex would harm her. His tiger perked up and paced. A new scent mingled in the air around them. The scent of his mate, a sweet, flowery smell, like rolling in a spring meadow.

Unlike their feral counterparts, tiger-shifters didn’t hiss or growl to capture their mate. Evan petted her hair. He’d work like hell to gain her trust. Shifters walked alongside the humans and lived together in peace, but unlike the humans, shifter sex wasn’t talked about. Humans tended to shy away from thinking they could mate with shifters.  He didn’t care. She belonged to him and if they were lucky, she’d accept the both of them. He could only hope.

Evan hazarded a glance at his brother. Ian leaned on the wall and his eyes flickered between green and yellow. His tiger knew, too.

“I’m not getting involved with anyone for a while. No way. I’ve even got an apartment here in Belden over by the bank building.” Kaia remained in Evan’s arms. “But I’m glad I’ve got you two on my side. You’re the best friends a girl could have.”

Best friends. But for how long?



To Megan Slayer

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