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Starting over is never easy, but sometimes it’s the best way to heal a broken heart.


Maya McCombs thought she had her life planned out decent guy, a baby on the way and a solid job. That is until her plans blew up. Being single and pregnant isn’t high on her list, but she’s got to survive. No one said surviving meant she’d have to do it alone.

Master Sergeant Levi Court had big plans, too. He followed the woman he loved to a new state and a whole new set of circumstances. Too bad she isn’t interested in keeping the relationship going. On a whim, he heads to the Dinner Plate Diner. Maya is all he’s ever wanted in a woman. Can he prove to her that two hearts, no matter how broken, can be stronger together?

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He hadn’t said much, but his words soothed her. “I’m not usually the one to open up to strangers. This is the second time you’ve managed to get me to talk.”

“I’m a good listener.” He draped his arm across the tabletop, then hesitated.

“I could use a strong arm around me right now.” She leaned into his chest and rested her head on his shoulder. “Rosie told you to come here, didn’t she?”

“Why’s that?”

“She’s always trying to hook me up. According to her, I’m a good girl looking for a not-too-bad boy. I think she’s nuts.”

“I don’t know. Any guy who would walk away from his kid is pretty stupid to me.”

“I’m four months along, and Nicky never had much patience. Standing still took a lot of thought out of him.”

“You should be just about out of the woods danger-wise. My sister never told anyone about the girls until she was four months along. Brother-in-law loves those girls.” He kept his arm around her, but he didn’t sound thrilled. He shouldn’t be thrilled. She knew how men worked. Levi wanted a date and hearing her talk about her ex and thebaby weren’t   winning Levi over.

Maya tensed. She couldn’t really blame Levi for being irked or Nicky for wanting out. The relationship had been dead for a while. He’d done what he needed to do to survive in his own twisted way. She straightened her shoulders and sat up.

“You know, this is my last night to have fun. I don’t mean go crazy, but my last night to really have a good time.” She turned to Levi. The freckles on his nose and cheeks were more evident and so were the tiny chips of green in his blue eyes. “I want to have a good time with you. What do you say?”

Maya held her breath, awaiting his reply. Please let him say yes. “I know I don’t know you, but you make me feel comfortable.”

“Ah, I’m like a big soft blanket?” He crooked one brow.

Damn it. She wanted to wrap herself in his arms and never let go, but boy did he go out of his way to get under her skin. “Something like that. You make me forget what’s bothering me and besides, I haven’t stopped thinking about you since you were at the diner.”

“Where do you want to go?” He crooked his fingers under her chin. “You’re hurting, confused and don’t need to be alone right now.”

“Your place?” She liked the way he touched her. Confident and strong, but sexy and silky.

“Ah, just as soon as you let our audience know what you’re up to.”


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