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Kenley wants just one present for Christmas. Can Peter deliver?

Reconnecting for Kenley Kissinger and Peter Barnes ended up being hotter than they'd ever expected. A model and a computer geek? Who knew? But now it's the holidays. Peter's retirement from the modeling business isn't quite as settled as he'd planned. He spends more nights away from the man he loves than with him. Will the holidays bring these two together for good or be the faux-snow covered disaster that tears them apart?

Peter isn't about to give up on his man, but there are others who want to intrude on their relationship. It's up to Peter and Kenley to decide how happy they want their holiday to be.



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“Damn it, Fortney locked his brakes again. So what are we going to do about a driver?” Adam knew the story well without knowing every the detail. Kennedy Taggart ran the biggest racing empire with the best winning percentage. All the drivers wanted to nab spots with her teams—including Gavin.“Tell me you have a good replacement. One that just sort of showed up or something? I know you. You’ve always got an ace up your sleeve.”

“It’s two days until Christmas. Do you know who you’re fucking?” Peter Barnes strolled into the kitchen of the house he shared with his fiancé, Kenley Kissinger. He grasped the back of one of the barstools and stared at Kenley. “Hello? Are you in there?” 

Twinkle lights had been draped across the bar and around every window in the home. Fake snow lay on the table and on the window sills. One of three trees they’d purchased stood in the corner. Lights decorated the tree, as well as shiny glass balls. Peter wanted a dildo on the top of the tree, but Kenley won out, and they used a star instead. Christmas morning, he’d get his way, and there would be a dildo on that tree. 

Peter watched Kenley chop carrots. His partner seemed to ignore him. Something about Kenley’s quietness unnerved Peter. Kenley tended to talk a lot, but he also fell into depression from time to time. Because of the holiday? Something else? Peter wasn’t sure. He wanted to be there for his partner and to console him. The handsome man didn’t deserve to suffer alone.

“Hello? Earth to Kenley.” He rounded the counter and eased up behind Kenley. He stilled his partner’s hands. “Want to let me in and talk to me?” When he kissed Kenley’s neck, he realized his lover had in his nearly invisible wireless earbuds. So that’s why Kenley didn’t respond…

Kenley placed the knife on the cutting board and twisted around in Peter’s arms. He grinned, then pulled the earbuds from his ears. “Hi. I didn’t realize you were home.” He kissed Peter, smashing his mouth onto Peter’s. “Missed you.” He rested his forehead against Peter’s and ground his crotch against the bulge in Peter’s pants. “Dreamed about you and masturbated yesterday morning. I couldn’t wait.”

“Fuck, that’s hot. Makes me wish I’d come home even earlier. I would’ve liked to have watched you jack off.” He groaned and closed his eyes. Sex with Kenley was like nothing else. They didn’t just fuck, they touched, teased and kissed all over the place. Heat simmered within him and another groan bubbled in his throat.

“Ready to fuck me?” Kenley’s eyebrows bobbed. “A little extra Christmas cheer?”

“You bet your ass. You. Now. Over the arm of the couch. Drop your pants.” He swatted Kenley’s ass and nudged him into the living room. Along the way, Kenley did as told and unbuttoned his pants. He glanced over his shoulder and jiggled his ass cheeks.

“Brat.” Peter retrieved a bottle of lube from the desk drawer. Since they’d decided to get married, they’d agreed to go bare. He treasured the ability to be completely free with Kenley. Hell, he treasured everything about his lover. He popped the button on his pants, then shoved the soft cotton down his thighs. The pants puddled around his ankles, making it hard to walk, but he didn’t care. He kicked out of the cumbersome clothing and his dress shoes. He dribbled lube onto his hand, then stroked himself. The moment he touched his cock, he knew this time with Kenley wouldn’t last long. He stroked twice, then slapped Kenley’s ass again.

“Fuck, you’re spurring me on.” Kenley leaned over the arm of the chair, belly first and pressed his face to the cushion. Like a good boy, he grabbed his ass cheeks and spread himself open wide. 

“That’s a sight I’ll never get tired of. Fuck.” He smeared lube over the tight pucker of Kenley’s ass. In one slick move, he speared his middle finger into Kenley. Being inside his lover was like coming home. He belonged there. He moved slowly, careful not to hurt his fiancé as he pushed past the snug muscle. 

Kenley groaned and bore down on him. “God, that’s good.” He backed into Peter’s finger, sending more of Peter into his body.

“Pulling me in, greedy boy.” He twisted his hand and eased his finger out of Kenley before plunging back in again. 

“Oh damn.” Kenley turned his head and glanced back at Peter. “Don’t make me wait.”

“No?” He reached between Kenley’s legs and caressed the tip of his lover’s cock. “You’re mashed down tight against that chair.”

“I’ll fucking come if I don’t. I need this. Need you.” Kenley shivered. “Fuck me.” His legs trembled, and he adjusted his grasp on his butt cheeks. 

“Merry Christmas, baby.” He lined his dick up with Kenley’s hole and pushed. Kenley was right—being together like this was exactly what he needed, too. He grasped Kenley’s hips. He shoved himself deep, then pulled out enough so that only the tip of his cock remained inside. He closed his eyes and increased the speed of his thrusts. He should’ve slowed down and savored the moment, but he couldn’t. The desire was too strong. He’d been away from his lover for far too many days and needed to feel Kenley in his soul. 

Peter bit back a gasp and pistoned into Kenley. In and out, nudging him closer to coming apart. He opened his eyes. He couldn’t let his lover suffer. Both men needed to come. 

“Back up and touch yourself. I want you to come apart with me.” He hiked Kenley’s hips, tugging him away from the arm of the couch. 

“Yeah,” Kenley replied, drawing the word out. He rested his shoulders on the arm of the chair and let go of his ass. He stuffed both hands between his legs. A muffled moan ripped from his throat as he met Peter thrust for thrust. 

A shiver skated down Peter’s spine as he tipped his head back and groaned. “Fuck.” The orgasm swirled around in his belly, then shot sparks through his body to his limbs. He dug his fingers into Kenley’s hips and slammed into Kenley’s body. All the passion and desire centered in his brain, then shot straight to his dick. He shoved himself deep into Kenley. His restraint shattered as he filled his lover’s ass. He curled over Kenley and slid his arms around the man he loved. 

“Jesus,” Kenley bit out. He shivered a couple of times, then tensed. When he groaned, he wobbled forward and planted his face on the cushion. “Damn. I needed that.”

“Just that?” Peter asked. He eased out of Kenley’s ass and kissed his lover’s shoulder. “Or more?”

“I needed you.” Kenley lingered on the chair a moment. “I’ll have to wash the armchair off again.”

“That’s why we bought leather. It’s easier to clean.” He helped his fiancé to his feet. Peter grabbed his pants. “I’ll do it this time.”

“Thanks. I’ve got—” Kenley’s eyes widened. “I’ve got to clean up the kitchen.”

“I’ll help. Get your boxers, and we’ll clean the kitchen then have some wine and enjoy the Christmas lights.” He swatted Kenley’s ass. He might have only lived in the house for six months, but he felt the most at ease in the room he shared with Kenley. Once in the bedroom, he shucked the rest of his clothes and pulled a T-shirt and pair of sleep pants from the dresser. By the time he returned to the kitchen, Kenley was already putting the veggies in baggies.

“Have I told you how sexy you are in nothing but wrinkled boxers?” He eased up behind Kenley and wrapped his arms around him. “Like better than the hottest model.”

“You’re the hottest model, and I certainly don’t look better than you.” 

Peter rested his chin on Kenley’s shoulder. “What’re you making with carrots, potatoes and celery? A salad?”

“I thought for Christmas Eve dinner, I’d make a roast. I found a good recipe with white wine. Figured I’d try it. I’ve defragged three laptops, reset another two, retrieved a hard drive from a toasted computer and balanced the checkbook. I’m ready to pull out my hair, and I don’t even have hair.” Kenley zipped the bag shut, then kissed Peter’s temple. “I’m glad you’re home. God knows I’ll feel your assault on my ass for the next few hours.”

Peter chuckled. “You like it. The rough stuff, the spankings and having my dick so far in you that you don’t know where I end and where you begin.” He was glad to be back in his lover’s arms. He’d spent the last week on the road, going between studios and dealing with photographers. When he’d left the modeling business, he’d thought he was through with the whole lot, but that hadn’t been the case. He was more in demand than before. The worst part? He wasn’t sure he’d make it home to Kenley before Christmas. That was the most important—being with Kenley over the holiday. They’d been together for a little over six months, but he knew down to his soul he belonged with Kenley. Now if he could convince Kenley to fully trust him, they’d be in business. 

“Trust me, I’m glad I’m back, too. I thought I’d be stuck at the airport all night.” Peter rubbed his cock against the bulge in Kenley’s boxers. He’d imagined running through the airport on Christmas Eve and dealing with cranky people trying to cross the country, but he’d lucked out. A seat opened up on an earlier flight, and he’d been able to get back to Cleveland early. “Thankfully, there wasn’t much snow, and the gate attendant at the long-term parking was cool.” He glanced at his watch. “Okay, so it’s actually after midnight now and officially one day until Christmas.”

“I guess you’re right. Merry Christmas Eve.” Kenley wiped his hands on a dish towel, and then he tossed the towel on the counter. “Why didn’t you call me? I’d have met you there. I thought you weren’t getting in until tomorrow anyway.” His shoulders sagged as he inched away from Peter. “Sorry.”

“Why do you always feel the need to apologize, babe?” He leaned against the counter and crossed his ankles. “You didn’t do anything wrong, and I didn’t want both cars out in the snow. It’s not much snow, but I’d rather be right here with you.” He grasped Kenley’s hand. If he didn’t give his lover some room, they’d never have the stuff ready for Kenley to make dinner the next night, but he needed to touch his man. He loved Kenley so much and thanked God they’d been able to connect again after the disastrous first night together. His damn job interfered, forcing him to leave before Kenley woke. He hadn’t quite forgiven himself for leaving. 

Kenley smiled, but didn’t say anything as he pulled away from Peter again. The silence wasn’t like him and unnerved Peter. 

“Do you need help with the roast or what’s left?” Peter tapped the box of plastic baggies. “I can bag something if it’ll help.”

“I was going to cut it all up tonight, and in the morning, stick the whole lot in the oven before I drove to the airport.” Kenley shrugged. “But you’re here now, so it’s all good.”

“You bet your ass it’s all good. I’m not going anywhere for a while, and I cannot wait to snuggle up behind you while we sleep.” He helped Kenley stick the rest of the bagged veggies into the fridge. 

Kenley sighed and clicked the lights off in the kitchen. “Then let’s go upstairs and crash. I want to wake up to the man I love beside me on Christmas Eve morning.”

“Perfect. You warm up the sheets, and I’ll lock up.” He swatted Kenley on the ass, then headed into the mud room to lock the back door. He clicked the deadbolt on the front door and turned off the rest of the lights before he headed to the second floor. He couldn’t wait for Christmas. Of all the holidays, Christmas was his favorite—he loved to spoil his partner and family. Loved the lights, the smells, the sounds and the warm feeling of the holiday. This year, he had someone to share the holiday with, and he refused to waste another second of their time together. Once they got past New Year’s, he was all Kenley’s, and they’d start the next part of their journey together. 

He strode into the bedroom where Kenley already had stretched out on the bed. 

Kenley patted the bedding. “I had some ideas for New Year’s Eve—if you’re going to be home. I planned a couple of things, but not a ton. Something quiet and here. Maybe wine. Some dancing. Nudity.” He grinned. “Okay, lots of nudity.”

Aw fuck. He loved nudity with Kenley. Loved that he’d gotten Kenley into his life. But he was about to dick with his boyfriend’s plans. “What about maybe a trip?”



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