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This record could be the soundtrack to their lives – if they’re willing to mix things up.

    Mike Larson loves his vinyl records and keeps them in meticulous order. His job as an air traffic controller is great, but he’s lonely. The search for the last record on his Top 100 of the ‘80’s list is right within reach if he’s willing to step outside his comfort zone.     

     Leon Sanders doesn’t believe in love or a lasting relationship and why should he? When he turns on the charm at Vintage Vinyl, his music store, he makes the best sales. The guyliner, dyed black hair and flamboyant persona is a shy guy looking for his perfect complement. Something about the quiet man makes Leon want to give love a chance and mix it up with Mike.


“Good.. You’re still here.” The voice stopped Leon. The people who came to Vintage tended to ask him for help locating special items, but none of them sounded quite like this guy.

“I need to find George Benjamin,” the man said.

Leon whipped around, ready to tell the customer to fill out a special request form at the counter, when he paused. The moment he clapped eyes on the man, the breath wrenched from his body. Tall, blond, muscles but not built like a brick wall and green eyes. Holy hell, he loved green eyes.

Although the guy projected a calm, smooth exterior, the way he balled his fists made Leon wonder about his story.

“You’re looking for the Peach Slayers record, aren’t you, baby?” Leon hooked his fingers in his jeans pockets. The chains from his wallet to his belt loops clinked. “I had one and it grew legs. Someone stole it about four months ago, hon, but we might be able to find you something—close.”

“Oh.” Green eyes’ shoulders slumped. Still, the polo shirt wrapped around him like a second skin, giving tantalizing glimpses of the hard body underneath. “Damn. That’s the last one I don’t have.”

His salesman feelers perked. “You’ve got a collection or you just really like the hits of the ‘80’s, babe?” Leon’s attention piqued. He shifted his weight from his left foot to his right and adjusted his pants to hide the burgeoning erection. God. Looking at a man with green eyes was now all it took to turn him on? What a horn ball. Still, something about the hunk made him want to look twice.

“It’s silly to most people, but I love music. All music. One of my things is to collect every number one album. I’ve got a whole list of the top hits of the 1980s and I’m down to only missing two.” He clenched and unclenched his fingers, then stuck out his hand. “Think you can help?”

Leon shook his hand. “I might be able to do—something. For a fee.” The guy liked music almost as much as he did and sounded almost as neurotically methodical about collecting records. “You’ve got the old Hot Twenty-Five lists?” A man after his own heart. “Okay, I’ve got to ask. Disc or vinyl?”

“Vinyl all the way.” The guy smiled and his eyes twinkled. “I’m Mike.”

“And I am in love.”



"Watching these two flirt and find love was sizzling hot.  They have chemistry that just leaps off the pages of this book.  Pretty sure I have singed fingers now.  I like the idea that opposites really can find love and each brings what the other needs to the relationship.  I pick up Ms. Slayer’s works for two reasons, she brings me stories that are original and well thought out and she always makes me fall in love and want more. I know I will be looking for more in the Zero, Ohio series in the future. Bring on the man love!" Rated 5 shooting stars - Redz World

"If you like stories where opposites suddenly not only attract but match, if you enjoy reading about men who have been wounded but try to cope as best they can, and if you're looking for a short, fun read with men who learn to adapt to newly emerging feelings, then you will probably like this short story." ~ Reviewed by Serena at Rainbow Book Reviews

"I think I would have given 4 hearts to this book strictly on the basis if what Mike shouts when he comes. I read it and raised (my) by eyebrows, read it again, and had to laugh. I enjoyed the discussions between the two of them, especially as they try to get past Leon’s history and Mike’s low self-confidence. Even as Leon fully admits that the length of time they’ve known each other isn’t enough to feel heart things, he is feeling them. There isn’t angst in this story, just a nice guy and a scared one trying to see where it can go." - Rated four hearts by Lucy on Hearts on Fire Reviews

"Mixing Mike is a glimpse at a chance for two people, who never thought of love as a real option, to find it. As was true in Catching Cary, the other Zero, Ohio story I’ve read, it is short and easy to finish in one sitting. " That's What I'm Talking About Reviews - Rated B-