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Must Be Doing Something Right

Available At: Totally Bound        

If she can open her heart, she’ll find he’s her naughtiest dream come true. Being mischievous with him is exactly what she needs.

Nate Waterford knows exactly who he wants in his bed and his heart, but he’s on guard. When women find out his profession, they see dollar signs. He’s been hurt by gold diggers and he’s not about to fall in love—until he sees Courteney. She’s his fantasy come to life and once he gets her in his arms, he’ll be damned before he considers letting her go. Unless she tells him to go to hell first...

Despite her success as a fledgling romance author, Courteney Bennett’s had her share of bad relationships. She’s attracted to her best guy friend, Nate, and she’s not ready to throw a friendship away for one night of passion—even if his idea of desire puts the hottest scenes in her erotica stories to shame. Is her heart a fair price to pay for an evening to remember or will it be the biggest mistake of her life?


Contains Light Bondage, Voyeurism, and Anal Sex!






Behind her, the door creaked open and snicked shut. From the corner of her eye, she saw Nate inch towards her. The chill surrounding her body shifted to fever in an instant.

Damn, the towering man knew how to knock her off-kilter without laying a hand on her. But he was her best guy friend and so very off-limits, even if he personified the hero in her most recent novella. Of course, she portrayed the heroine, and together they played out every one of her darkest fantasies. Here lately, the lines between reality and fantasy blurred. Each time she saw Nate, she bit her tongue to keep her true feelings at bay.

Forcing her gaze back to the scene beyond the window, she nibbled her bottom lip. If Nate came closer, if she caught the scent of his woodsy cologne and he put his hands on her, she’d succumb to her desires. The sex show in the parking lot had her sexual organs flared. Her inner voyeur could only take so much stimulation.

A split-second later, Nate’s breath warmed the back of her neck. So he personified sexy... he knew her better than anyone, but she wanted a forever man, not a one-night-stand. He rarely dated a woman twice. Could friends make good, lasting lovers, especially if she already loved him?


"While it is hot, sexy and erotic it is also a sweet romance between two people who always knew there could be something more than friendship but were leery on crossing the bridge of turning friends into lovers. Friends to lovers plots are one of my favorites and Ms Zwaduk does a great job bringing them together. I fell for Nate and was happy to see he got his own happy ending." ~ Bad Barb's Reviews


"The author, Wendi Zwaduk, has put some great sex scenes in this story. In addition to an interesting desk situation and a steamy shower, there is also a tiny nod to voyeurism, anal sex, bondage and spanking, followed up by an HEA ending. If you're looking for a summer afternoon beach read, this may be just the thing for you.  3 Ravens " Lea from Blackraven's Reviews


"Wendi Zwaduk kept this story flowing nicely. The highlight for me was when Nate and Court truly realized what they were missing. This is a short story that I am proud to say, has made it to my “re-read” list. If you want a great book to heat up your Summer then pick up Must Be Doing Something Right by Wendi Zwaduk and let the story flow through you.  ~  Rated 5 Delightful Divas by Deb!"


"With characters full of feeling and depth, this short story packs a punch...Wendi Zwaduk does a wonderful job of painting a world for the reader to get lost in. With characters that everyone can relate to this is a book that should not be missed." Rated 4 Cherries by Mistletoe from Whipped Cream Reviews

"Cute, Quick and to the point...The sex was rockin'...Her issues with “men” were plausible which made his deception real and I could understand her issue. All in all, a good short, fast paced read that was worth it :) ... 15.5 out of 20." Seriously Reviewed


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