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A place to belong and strong arms to hold himóbut will this shifter get what he needs?


After being rescued and taken to the Sanctuary, a refuge for lion shifters, Talisman knows heís safe. But heís restless. All the other shifters have paired up, except Talisman and one other shifter. The guy is fine, but he doesnít make Talismanís heart beat or his lion roar. Talisman refuses to give up looking for what he wants, but he never expected love to come running, stark naked, through a hole in the fence.

Davi doesnít understand whatís happened to him. One minute, heís a happy lion at the petting zoo. The next, heís being hunted and humans want to use his head as a trophy. When his hope is almost gone, two lions appear to show him an escape route. At the Sanctuary, he realizes his power to shift and the desires of a human male. He doesnít trust humans, but thereís one shifter he wants to know better.

Talisman and Davi must decide whether to give in to their animal urges or let the ghosts of the past tear their world apart for good. No matter what they choose, thereís one person who doesnít want anyone, especially the shifters, to get their happy ending. As Talisman and Davi seek forever, it just might be ripped right out of their hands.




The guy waited for the longer haired man to walk away then he sat in the grass. He didnít say anything, remaining quiet.

Davi watched him, unsure what to do. His cat wanted to sniff out the stranger and scope out the situation. Did Davi trust his cat? Yes, but not that man.

Neither Davi or the guy sitting in the grass moved for what seemed like forever. Finally, the man spoke. ďDavi? My name is Talisman. I donít know if you remember me from the petting zoo, but I was there with you.Ē He didnít look at Davi or even in Daviís direction. ďI think Iím a few months older than you. I remember being in the pens, having the kids pet us and feeling wonderful. Then the good feelings stopped. I know youíre scared. I was scared, too. Unlike the humans at the petting zoo, we wonít hurt you here.Ē

Davi debated sitting up but remained hunched down. Maybe, he could trust Talisman, but he didnít remember him.

ďItís scary. Youíve shifted, and you donít understand why. I know. Iíve been there. I didnít shift until I was safe, but when it happened, I didnít understand what was going on. Itís okay.Ē He glanced over to where Davi hid. ďIf you donít come out, I canít help you. I promise. I wonít hurt you, and Iíll help you get used switching between your cat and human forms.Ē

ďNo.Ē Davi kept hiding, but decided to at least try to talk to Talisman.

ďCan you come out?Ē Talisman crawled across the grass, closer to Davi. ďWould it help if I shifted?Ē He didnít wait for an answer. Instead, he yanked his shirt up over his head then stood and shoved his pants down his legs. He kicked out of the boots and stood nude before Davi.

Davi watched Talisman move. Wow. Heíd never seen a naked man before, but if thatís what they looked like, he liked what he saw. His cat wasnít upset, either.

Talisman dropped to his knees and placed his hands in the grass. He lowered his head then wriggled. Fur sprouted on Talismanís shoulders and back. His teeth elongated and a growl ripped from his throat. The fur spread down his chest to his belly and covered his legs. His hands and feet shifted into paws. When he shook his head, thick fur sprouted behind his ears and beneath his chin. Before Daviís eyes, the man shifted into the lion.

Talisman sniffed the air then stared directly at Daviís hiding spot. He strode over to Davi with silent steps and stopped beside the bushes. He nuzzled the underbrush and scratched the earth beneath the bush but didnít force his way through the leaves. Was he trying to gain Daviís trust? Could be.

Davi inched his hand forward, allowing Talisman to sniff him. The trust thing Talisman was doing was working. Davi extended his arm through the thick leaves and twigs.

Talisman rubbed his nose over Daviís fingers then snorted. He licked Daviís fingers.

Davi withdrew his hand. The fear still gripped him, but if Talisman had wanted to harm him, he wouldíve jumped through the bushes and attacked. He didnít. The lion within Davi wanted to investigate Talisman. Who was he to argue with the cat?

ďIím scared,Ē Davi whispered. He rose to his knees then crawled out from behind the shrubbery. He sat under one of the skinnier trees and hugged his knees.

Talisman, still in his lion form, sat beside Davi. He licked his paw then rubbed his paw over the top of his head. After a few licks and swipes across his forehead, he snorted.

ďMessy.Ē Davi stole glances at the big cat. Talisman looked so powerful and graceful. He wanted to be like his new friend, but he couldnít. Carltonís insults came back to him. Worthless, clumsy, too big, lumberingÖno good as a lion.

Talisman butted Daviís shoulder with his head. He made a sound that resembled a cross between a grunt and a soft roar. Just as quickly as heíd shifted into lion form, Talisman shifted back into his human form. But this time, he wasnít wearing clothes.

Talisman retrieved his wadded up garments and held them in front of his cock and balls. He settled beside Davi again and stretched his legs. He leaned back, bracing himself on his arms. The pants and shirt lay over his groin, but didnít hide the erection tenting them.

ďWelcome to Sanctuary.Ē


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