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Someone Like You

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 She’s the one he wants, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Arran Mayes. Confirmed bachelor. Loves a good bottle of wine, hearty conversation and men. Determined to open his own pizzeria, he’s not looking for love or a woman.

 Then he sees her. Can a confirmed tomcat bachelor settle down in the arms of a good woman?

 Mindy Dawson. She’s not interested in relationships or dating. She’s been through the wringer more times than she can count. College is for a BA not an MRS degree.

 Until she sees him. Is she enough woman to tame Arran’s ways? Or will their love affair burn out before it gets started?

This story contains lovers who didn’t know they connected, finding their mutual satisfaction with anal sex and a few toys for fun.




Arran rolled his eyes again and strode through the gaggle of tables towards the sub shop counter. As he crossed the room, he saw her. The girl. She sat religiously through each boring art lecture, taking notes and hazarding glances in his direction. Warmth flooded his cheeks. Few women actually looked his way. Most dismissed him long before they got to know him. He had a great style and a nice voice, but was Nate seeing anyone? His best friend. Some would be put off with the constant barrage of questions concerning Nate. As long as it wasn’t men asking, Arran didn’t care. He happily directed the girls into Nate’s view and sat back to watch the fireworks.

But with this girl...he wanted to watch what could happen and not with Nate. Arran Mayes wanted the action, excitement...he wanted a girl. At least to get to know her name and find out what the fuss was about. Maybe get her phone number. What made her smile. Whoa. He needed a good fuck, that’s what the attraction was. A bodily response to someone good looking. He shoved the burgeoning desire aside in his mind. Focus on lunch.

He took his place at the back of the line. What if the attraction wasn’t a lack of sex? He appraised her from afar. Nice hips. Enough to grasp during a roll in the sheets. Holy fuck. Where’d those thoughts come from? Blood flowed to his cock and he shifted his weight to relieve the pressure. Shock, yes, she had to be a shock to his system. A glitch.

Thick blonde hair dusted the middle of her back and the fleeting scent of vanilla wafted to him. His mouth watered. Was she into hair pulling?

He shook his head. God, biology was a bitch. Here he was thinking about sex, walking away, and what to do to make her scream during sex. Somewhere between art history and lunch something came unglued. She liked sub sandwiches and that little nugget of info stoked his interest.

He shook his head again. Enough, fantasizing about things he didn’t want.

A guy behind her struck up a conversation. “What’cha having today, Min?”

Min. Arran tipped his head. Nice name. He strained to hear her answer. Please let her be one of those girls who ate, not picked at food.

“Pastrami. Same old, same old.”

Arran chuckled. Simple. He liked simple and wonderful--men. He forked his fingers into his hair. The feelings weren’t dissipating. Damn it. He liked guys, so why her and why now? He tore his attention from Min and glanced in Sav’s direction. He lusted after men...dark men, brooding men. Guys like Nate and Sav. Not women. He loved the feel of a man’s pecs and pebbled nipples crushed against his chest, not the pillow of women’s breasts. Fuck, he’d never even dated a girl.

The scent of vanilla swirled around him. Arran turned as Min strolled past, sandwich in hand. His mouth watered. For the pastrami or her? His brain whirled with confusion and glee. He had to talk to her and get to know the vixen of Art History. As strange as it felt to be intrigued by her, it also seemed...oddly okay. He forfeited his place in line and followed her to her table.

“Hello. Min, is it? I’m Arran. I wondered if I might sit with you?” 


"Ms. Zwaduk listened to her fans and gave us the “how they met” story. Ms. Zwaduk pours so much passion into her characters it was easy to see how they fell in love with each other...Through Ms. Zwaduk’s poignant writing I could truly feel for both Mindy and Aaran. Someone Like You is a short story but loaded with heart. Pick up a copy today and be prepared to get lost in a beautiful beginning. Read their continuing story to enjoy the untraditional and yet perfect ending." Honeysuckle ~ Long and Short Erotic Reviews ~ Rated 4.5 stars
 "I love Arran’s confusion as his thoughts keep turning to sex and togetherness with Mindy; after all, Arran didn’t date…girls, that is. But there is just something about Mindy that rattles him, and intrigues him...Ms Zwaduk has a creative imagination and a very descriptive style. The passion jumps off the page at times." ~
Nancy at DragonsAndShiftersAndBooks


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