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Finding his counterpart is the easy part. Making things permanent -- now there's a tricky situation.

Sarah never planned to fall in love with a wolf -- things just happened that way. He's back, but is she ready to hand over her heart? Or will she make him work for what he wants?
Callum knew the moment he met Sarah she was the woman for him. But life took him away from her. He's willing to do whatever she asks if it means having her in his arms.
Will they find the love they both deserve or will forces beyond their control shatter their sweet and wild dreams before they even get started?

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“You’re thinking about Callum again, aren’t you?” Willow plopped down on the other bar stool. “You’re blushing and you haven’t said a word. I’d love to tell you things will work out. He’s a good guy. But he’s busy. Ansen handed him a lot of responsibility when he decided to take a break to run the pack -- all three members of it, but still. I tried to tell him that maybe dialing back what Callum has to do would be good for the general population, but he won’t listen to me.”

Ah, yes. The pack. Everything revolved around the pack -- Ansen, Callum and someone named Krieg. The only person she’d seen shift was Ansen. Did Callum shift, too? Willow said he did, but if Sarah hadn’t seen Ansen turn into a black wolf… she’d never have believed it.

“Hello? Earth to Sarah.” Willow waved her hand in front of Sarah’s face. “I’m not sure what to say right now. Him not calling was a shitty thing to do, but you’ve got to get out of this funk. So you read something syrupy on a blog. Big deal. Not all guys are assholes. I think you told me that. Now you’ve got to believe it.”

Damn it. As usual, Willow was right. Sarah sighed. “Okay, so how do you suggest I get out of said funk? Retail therapy doesn’t work. I’m not a shopper. I don’t want chocolate, and I just bought a bunch of books at the used book sale, so I’m pretty well set.”

“Sex toys.”

Sarah sat back on the stool, too far back. Her ass slipped off the seat, and before she knew it, she landed with a thud on the carpet. She brushed her hair from her eyes. “You said sex toys, didn’t you?”

“Yep.” Willow grinned and offered her hand. “Come on. On your feet. We’ll get you out of this funk one way or another.”


“Too bad. I’m tired of listening to you mope, and I sure as hell don’t want you hanging around with Ross. He’s an asshole. If you can’t get your mind off Callum, then a plastic lover is the next best thing. It won’t talk back.”

Damn it. “Okay, let’s get those toys.”



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