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Tangled Up

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What if the person you want for the rest of your life isn’t one... but two?

Mindy Mayes knew her husband was bisexual from the moment they met. She loved Arran with her whole heart until the day he asked for a separation to be with his partner, Sav. Through the ups and downs of life after the marriage, she, Arran and Sav remained close.

Things are about to change.

Though he walked away, Arran’s never given up on a life with Mindy. He’s in love with Sav and totally committed. But it’s his wedding anniversary. What if they took the threesome created out of friendship and made it into something more?

Maybe the perfect number is three after all.

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He hadn’t planned on dialling her number. Not even close. He’d planned to press the first couple numbers of her cell and wimp out. He’d left her, not the other way around, so why would she even want to take his call? Why would she care about their ninth wedding anniversary? Because she never totally gave up on him.

Blame it on the bourbon and the time of the year. He rubbed his eyes. How many had he downed? Three? Four? Six? Fuck, he wasn’t sure. But each March twenty-third, he got drunk and Mindy was the first person to come to mind. His heart ached. Damn, he just wanted to hear her voice.

Arran looked up when his boyfriend, Savion Welles, strolled into the bedroom, hands in his trouser pockets. “It’s that day. I assume you called her? You did last year and the year before. She’s a good woman. She’ll call. Always does.” The man reminded him of old Hollywood. Polished, poised and domineering in the bedroom. Whenever Sav batted his mocha eyes and smiled his dimpled smile, Arran melted.

“It went to voicemail. If she saw my number, she got smart and let it ring. She wouldn’t drive in this shit. Winter in Ohio sucks no matter how much she might still care about me.” Arran squared his shoulders. Was it fair to want the person in the same room while lusting for another at the same time? Probably not.

“You’re afraid we’ve pushed her too far each time we’ve threatened to smother her with love and that she won’t want anything to do with us? Come on, she makes dirty jokes better than anyone. And it was her idea to flash us on New Year’s Eve after we made out. Nice view, I might add.”

“I want to believe she’ll come through for me, but fuck if I know.” But he wanted to know—badly. “How many times can we entice her before she decides either she wants to be with the both of us or she wants nothing to do with us?”


"I knew I would love Tangled Up. It drew me in. My emotions varied from pissed off to amused to amazed. I always love books that get me involved and yours certainly do that. :-) " ~~ reader Toni

"Tangled Up includes scenes of lust so hot you need a cold shower, and with strong characters and punchy dialogue, this is a must read for anyone who enjoys m/m/f ménage stories. Written in a contemporary style, I'd also recommend it to anyone who enjoys drama and romance."  ~~ Nerine from Queer Magazine Online

"Tangled Up is a tale that begins with the perils of marrying the right man in the wrong circumstances, initially appearing to lead to an inevitable conclusion. But that would mean underestimating Arran and Mindy! Sav is the man that came between them, stealing Arran’s heart and body.  Arran, however, can’t stop thinking about his wife and is determined to somehow maintain a link with her, despite his love and desire for Sav. Throughout the story, the reader is aware of how each of the characters are feeling, allowing their motivations and actions to be understood. The plot of Tangled Up gives rise to tension that transfers to the sex scenes, making them all the hotter because they appear from beyond the angst. Ms. Zwaduk skillfully leads the reader, making them think that the characters are taking one route before they veer off in another direction. The road is not an easy one, but the destination makes it worth it. The realism of the story makes Tangled Up all the more enjoyable. "  ~~ Reviewed by Shermaine Williams

"Ms Zwaduk has a creative imagination and a very descriptive style. The passion jumps off the page at times. Yes, each couple has obstacles, but then if love was easy, it wouldn’t be so much fun. There are fantastic Happily Ever Afters here, and I recommend all three for your summer reading list." Reader Nancy G.


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