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Tying One On


Lasso Lovin Anthology

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She’s the mistake they can’t live without.

Steve Reynolds and Ronan Boyd are happy in their relationship. They own and operate the Circle B Ranch and are very much in love. Both men dated the same woman before they began their own love story. She’s their best friend. But there’s something missing. Would the woman from their past want to be their third?

Trista Connolly knows her place with Steve and Ronan—she’s their friend. She wants to move on with her life after breaking up with her current boyfriend. She’s still in love with Steve and Ronan. But Tylerville isn’t a big city. Everyone knows everyone else’s business. She keeps her horse at their ranch, but can she keep her heart protected as well?

Things are about to heat up and fast—times three!





“You’re throwing a surprise wedding?” She stared up at Ronan and Steve, who were still on their horses. The idea of serving as their maid of honor pleased her. She loved them both, but she didn’t know if she could handle the emotional onslaught of a wedding. Not now.

“I believe this is called a picnic.” Ronan dismounted his horse. “It’s been a rough week. We heard about Chad.”

“And we thought you’d like a break.” Steve dismounted as well. He tied both his horse and Ronan’s horse to the hitching post. “We’re doing something nice for you.”

She winced. They knew about Chad. Great. She wrapped her arms around her body. “I see.”

“You don’t believe us.” Steve grinned. “You’d be right to suspect us. Ronan and I have a track record.”

Ronan strode past them and stopped at the picnic table. “Sit. We wanted to talk to you.”

Ah, there was the truth. They wanted to have a discussion. Normally she cherished their banter, but something about the scene was a little too romantic for her taste. The whole scene seemed like a set-up for something else.

“I’m here. Let’s talk.” She twined her fingers together and allowed Steve to lead her to the table. “I don’t suppose you’re going to waste any of this romantic moment on me?”

“Actually,” Ronan said, “we want to make you our third.”


"Whether it is modern American cowboys, wild west early American pioneer spirited romantics, or Australian stockmen, the passion of two men loving each other and the special woman brave enough to love them both is a hot and passionate reading experience, and these six authors bring romance out in their own special way. If hot ménage is your desire, this one is highly recommended. Very hot, very romantic, and lots of fun as well." Rated 4.5 stars by Foxglove at Long and Short Reviews.

"This book (Tying One On) was the perfect combination of great storytelling and naughty fun.  I loved the way the writer developed the male characters and the frailty of relationships, and the "loving" scenes were so graphic and spellbinding.
The book totally exceeded my expectations and was a great read!" ~ By 
Laure J on Amazon


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