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Peter Pan grew up all right!

     Peter Pan was supposed to be the boy who never grew up. Then Neverland blew sky high. Now he's very much an adult and playing adult games. There's one woman he wants for his bed, his cuffs, his toys... yeah, he's ready to do all sorts of naughty things to Wendy. If he can find her.

      Wendy Darling never expected him to come back. She'd grown up and moved on--to write white hot bdsm tales. Can her perfect Dom be the one man she never thought she'd see all grown up?



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“I see.” She drummed her fingers on the arm of the couch. He’d mentioned something else. He wanted a complicated kind of relationship with her. “What did you mean about me being your sub? Look at you. I’d imagine women and a few men would give their right arms to be with you.”

“I’m not into guys, and I’m not looking for any random sub. I’ve got a specific woman in mind.” He trailed his fingers down her bare arm. “I’ve been challenged. One of the other Doms in the club doesn’t believe my credibility and feels I’m unfit to be the head of Neverland. It’s a rare occurrence, but when the world went to hell a lot of allegiances went to pot, too.”

“Did you tell him he’s full of shit?”

The smile brightened his face and lit up his eyes. “There’s my spitfire.” Peter slipped his hand under hers. “I did tell him where to get off, but I won’t give in to him and make a scene in front of the patrons. He’s trying to cause trouble. Probably wants the Fae to give me up so he can have them all arrested. Last I knew there was a bounty if you could catch the Fae doing lewd acts. It’s crap, but whatever.”

“There’s a club down in the valley that caters to humans wanting a fling with a Fae.” Needing something to do with her hands, she picked at the edge of the couch cushion. “The cops look the other way until the Fae come out into public. Otherwise no one cares.”

“Then there’s got to be a way to keep things legal.” He rubbed his chin. “Look, sweetheart, you don’t have to go along with my suggestion. I want to take you to Neverland and have you see the club through my eyes, very much so. I want you in my life. And besides, Tink misses you. But it’s all up to you. If you don’t want to, then we don’t go.”

“She’s still there?” Memories ambushed her. She and Tinker Bell got along so well... like the sister she’d never had.

“Tiger Lily, too. The Lost Boys are now men and are many of the Doms.” He bridged the gap between them and pulled her tight against his chest. “Say you’ll come with me.”

His voice vibrated up and down her spine. The scent of his cologne wrapped around her, surrounding her in his maleness. She could lose herself in his strength. She sagged against him. “Next thing I know you’ll tell me you can smell a sub a mile away and I’m juicy sub material.”




"I no longer have to wonder what would happen if Peter Pan grew into manhood. Oh my! For that matter, I certainly never expected to find Wendy in Ohio writing steamy BDSM fiction. Author Megan Slayer gives new definition to creative license with this hot little novella...I liked how Ms. Slayer built the tension between Wendy and Peter when they first meet face to face after being apart for so long...It’s fun and deliciously dark all at the same time. Don’t miss it!" ~ Honeysuckle ~ Whipped Cream Reviews ~ Rated 4.5 stars

"...a nice and spicy tale that puts an erotic twist on the famous Peter Pan story....an electrifying combination especially between the sheets...Their love scenes are full of passion and eroticism that will have you salivating for more." ~ Tallyn Porter ~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews ~ Rated 4.5 stars and heat level Orgasmic!