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Sometimes switching things up really does mean getting the guy.

Allan Clark thought his life as a wide receiver for the Wildcats was over the moment he was told he’d be the new punt returner. He’d thought he didn’t want to be a special teams player. He’d rather have the limelight. Once he starts returning punts, he realizes this was where he should’ve been all along. Speaking of perks, he now gets to spend time with the sexy kicker, Tyler Leigh. Maybe this switch is the best thing that could’ve happened to him.

Unlike Allan, Tyler isn’t planning on going into the draft or playing football for the rest of his life. He’s got other plans, but a side trip with Allan in the sheets isn’t off of his radar. He’s wanted Allan since he joined the team. But Tyler’s got baggage and an overzealous ex-boyfriend hell bent on making his life miserable. With Allan, he sees a bright spot.

Will these two seemingly opposites leave their desires on the field or will they find common ground together and score?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of masturbation and implied abuse.



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Pride Publishing


Tyler sat beside Allan in the car and watched the world blow by in a blur of blues, purples and blacks. He couldn’t help but be excited. Usually he had to walk the fifteen minute trek to Lorne’s, but tonight he had a ride. And from Allan! Holy moly! He never would’ve thought Allan would look his way. Granted, he’d ogled the newly minted punt returner plenty of times. Who wouldn’t? The guy was a study in perfection. Like he could work in fashion handsome and was a triple threat on the field. He ran fast, dodged and weaved through tackles with ease and had a sixth sense about when to make a move.

Then there was his looks. Allan reminded Tyler of a model. From his inky black hair cropped close to his head, his chiseled chest with just the right amount of hair to be sexy without going overboard and his sculpted legs, he made Tyler crave him in so many ways. He’d covered his arms in tattoos, but the ink didn’t spill over to his chest or back. He worked the rugged look while staying sexy at the same time. He reminded Tyler of someone trying hard to keep restraint while still wanting to buck trends and be his own man. Was that right? He didn’t know.

Tyler sighed. The man was hot, but for all he knew, Allan was great with the girls, too. He’d heard rumors about Allan and one of the cheerleaders, but he’d never been one to believe gossip. He stared out the window. The hot guys were always taken and usually not gay. Allan didn’t strike him as out or even gay. Oh well. A man could drool and fantasize. 


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